Coming Soon! Graduate Composition Recital featuring unique original pieces!!!

After working on several compositions since the spring semester of 2018, I am finally ready to have them performed! I will be holding a Graduate Composition Recital during the fall semester to help fulfill my Master's Degree requirements.

The recital will be in the Covington Center at Radford University, in the auditorium. I am still in the works of scheduling a date, as it is very difficult to reserve a time here easily. Things will get worked out!

I will be choosing from seven different pieces, to add to roughly 40 minutes of music:

Shades of Thought for brass quintet

Monsters Under the Bed for Sax Quartet

Perceptions- a cinematic concert piece inspired by Romanian composer Bogdan Ota, featuring piano, sopranos, strings, chimes, harp, and contemporary percussion

Forest in the Gleam of Midnight- multi-movement program music featuring clarinet, sopranos, piano, percussion and strings

Wildwood for clarinet, violin and guitar

The Fear Crept Up- based on an original poem, featuring marimba, percussion, sopranos and strings

Matrix for percussion trio, includes the hammered dulcimer

More details to come, and rehearsal times will be posted soon!