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Finale and Sheet Music Services

I am a professional sheet music typist with expert experience in Finale. Call or email to discuss your sheet music needs today!

Finale Work Samples

Rhythm Chart

Chamber Music Score

A Capella Score

Rhythm Chart with Hammered Dulcimer part

Reduced Score

Transcribed from an audio file for the  Liberty University Marching Band show 2017

Voice and Piano Score

Full Orchestral Score (Top and bottom of page)


Transcription from scratch-$25

Basic Level Edit-$50



Chord Chart

Lead Sheet (including transcription of harmonies from demo, if not already done)

Rhythm Chart

Piano/Vocal (chart generation only- piano part creation separate)

Piano Part Creation-$50

SATB/Choral Edits-$25

Full Orchestra Edits-$25

Updating to new template-$70 per song (including orchestration)

Key Transpositions (chord charts)-$5 per key for related keys (i.e. E to E flat or major key to relative minor) or $7.50 per key for all other keys, flat rate

Key Transpositions (all Finale charts, including choral & orchestra)-$5 per key, flat rate


                                     SATB & ORCHESTRATION PART CREATION

(Actual creation of parts that are not currently in existence; paid IN ADDITION to editing)

Basic Level Orchestration & Choral Parts-$75

Basic, high-school level, simple parts, repeated themes

Mid-Level Orchestration & Choral Parts-$100

More complex parts and themes, advanced high school level or easy college level parts

Full Professional Orchestration & Choral Parts-$150

Professional, complex parts, for the symphony orchestra or large, accomplished church orchestra

Avant Garde Professional Orchestration And/Or Choral Parts-$200

For extreme time signature changes, one-of-a-kind notation, or avant garde pieces, think Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring or Krzysztof Penderecki's Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

Discounts are available for students, bulk work and special situations. 

I appreciate any opportunities to be of service! 

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