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Concert Compositions

NOTE: All SoundCloud tracks are playable, just click "X" on the top right corner of the track. Enjoy the music!

Solo Clarinet 


After learning about Avant Garde music from my clarinet professor, Dr. Cassandra Hibbard, we both decided that, as a film scoring major, I should write my own piece to perform for my junior recital. 

I have performed various Avant Garde pieces: movements from Libby Larsen's Dancing Solo, Soliloquies by Leslie Bassett, and Flammes by Janos Komives. Solitude is heavily influenced by all of these works together, and I added piano and mallet accompaniment for effect. 

Solo Hammered Dulcimer

Now available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby and all other streaming services!

Alone River

Alone River is the second of two compositions I wrote for solo hammered dulcimer at the age of seventeen. This piece is in E minor, giving a feeling of wandering near the waters. 


This is my first piece for hammered dulcimer. It has a somber, melancholy feel. I wrote this piece and recorded it from scratch along with Alone River

Chamber Music


A short, fun duet for two bass clarinets. In this duet, I create a "stomping effect" in the beginning followed by heavy, tense lines and a humorous, falling solo at the end. 

Solo Piano


This is my first piano piece ever. It is dark by nature, and includes angry moments as well as softer, sad sections. 

Electronic Music- Musique Concrete and Dubstep


My first electronic piece. This was recorded on my first microphone ever... a Plantronics web microphone and computer speakers! This was played from MuseScore, before I learned to use Finale. 

We Are The Millennials

A dubstep soundtrack written for a Social Media themed church video. 


The Sword of  Sif

An orchestral epic cue inspired by Lady Sif in the Thor movies and cartoons. 

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