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Recent Project: The West End EP

Indie band West End of Radford, VA featuring guitarist and vocalist Michael Garlich and vocalist, guitarist and ukulele player Jenna Huggins

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New! Recent Project: Recording Audio from Cassette Directly

Recording out-of-print cassette tape directly into Logic creating nearly identical audio tracks

I record all of my original music myself, using live instruments and sample libraries, including but not limited to: EastWest Hollywood Orchestra, Native Instruments, Logic Pro X, and PreSonus Studio One. My recording projects have also been expanded to recording sermons for my local church and collaborating with fellow musicians! 

I would enjoy collaborating with you on your next music project! Please contact me today to discuss things!



Logic Pro X

Native Instruments

Pro Tools 

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra and RA

MikTek C7e microphone

Shure SM57 microphone

Apogee One interface

Pop filter

KRK Rokit 4 Studio Monitors


PreSonus Studio One 

PreSonus M7 microphone and AudioBox     interface

Recording a live set of original music by Pastor Shawn Taylor at Rainbow Forest Baptist Church, July 31st, 2016

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