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Dulcimer Players News, Tendonitis.....

Some of you may know that I play the hammered dulcimer, and others of you have listened to my original piece Alone River. It was featured in Dulcimer Players News magazine.

This is the image I have chosen for when I decide to release Alone River. I have debated on which way to release it. CDBaby has several options. The standard option states that it collects YouTube royalties and has the whole package. However, there is a problem. YouTube has made it nearly impossible for everyday people like me and the great friends I love collaborating with to make money now. You basically have to be a big time superstar to even begin to make money. How lovely, right? :/

So I have decided that the best thing to do is to release Alone River two ways: I can choose the option to sell the recording only on CDBaby for free. For iTunes, Spotify, etc., I will release it out to those stores using LANDR mastering, which at the most costs $1/month for me, since I am a composer who isn't releasing several songs at a time.

My tendonitis in my left hand middle finger joint came back after I had it in July. This time the doctor put me on an anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks. After some rest, the pills, and essential oils, it has gotten better. I don't worry about injuring myself playing instruments, I think it was due to hurting that joint at work and hurting the same joint trying to brace myself while hiking. I hope it gets better in time.

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